Endodontic Post-op Instructions

1. Avoid chewing on a treated tooth while you are numb and while it is sensitive. If you have been told to follow up with your general dentist for a permanent restoration on the tooth then avoid chewing on the tooth until you see him/her.

2. If your tooth requires a permanent restoration, such as a crown, cap, jacket, inlay, etc. an appointment should be made with your general dentist within 3 weeks unless otherwise specified.

3. Some soreness is to be expected after treatment. If this occurs, take the medication you would normally use for headache or muscle pain.

4. Slight swelling is possible after treatment. If swelling does occur, DO NOT place any heat on the outside of your face. If severe swelling or pain beyond the control of advised medications should occur, please notify our office as soon as possible. Our doctors are always available. (562) 596-1664.

5. Should any condition arise which causes you concern, please feel free to call our office. Please have your pharmacy number available should medication need to be prescribed.

6. Brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, unless instructed otherwise.

7. If you have a temporary filling, it is not unusual for a bit of it to wear or break away between appointments. If you feel that the entire filling has come out, please contact us.